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Inquiry based learning through STEM

Online Self Study Course

Audience: Early education and primary teachers

Learn Inquiry based learning through teaching STEM subjects.

  • For early years up to primary school teachers.
  • 60 h versatile materials, lesson plans, teaching methods and various assessments
  • No need for prior knowledge of science in order to master this course
  • Self-study but recommended for the whole unit
  • Works from distance and face-to-face

Users in China, Lebanon, Finland, UK, Thailand (MoE), Hong Kong

Certificate from the University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education HY+

“It is extremely important to start teaching science already in early childhood education. Children have a huge natural urge and ability to explore and wonder at the phenomena of the surrounding world. It is useful to encourage this inclination, so that the curious and searching nature of learning will last for a lifetime. In the new online programme, we concentrate on supporting this natural enthusiasm and empowering children as active and participative builders of knowledge.” − Dr. Jenni Vartiainen, The University of Helsinki

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