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Master Classes – STEM Early education

Master Classes offer professionals comprehensive insights into a selected professional subject area and a unique opportunity to deepen their competence under the guidance of distinguished experts from the University of Helsinki. Master Classes include leadership development and professionals’ in-service training delivered in Finland. The duration of the Master Class typically varies from one to three weeks.

STEM Education for Early Childhood and Primary Teachers is an innovative online learning solution for early education teachers. With our practical approach, you will learn in small bits, and you will learn the method and the content at the same time.


The programme targets early childhood educators and teachers-in-training. Besides the content, you will learn the method of inquiry-based learning, which you can apply in other areas as well. You will gain confidence in teaching science for young learners. If you get 70 scores out of 100 you will get a certificate. The main objective of the programme is to build capable and confident educators who can implement science education in early childhood learning.


The programme includes visual content, videos, podcasts, worksheets and written materials. It consists of 60 lessons, and one lesson is 45 minutes in length.

  1. Early childhood learning and inquiry-based approaches to teaching science
  2. Knowledge construction: individual learning paths and link to practice
  3. Tools for supporting participation and motivation
  4. Theory and practice of multidisciplinary learning modules: the role of sharing, discussing and evaluating learning outcomes


  • Engage = Activate your prior knowledge and be inspired to learn more
  • Explore and explain= Engage in multimedia content in small bits
  • Elaborate = Design your own experiments
  • Evaluate = Assess your own progress and results